We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not listed? Don't worry! Send your question via email (clientservice@yogasolutions.nl) or a message via Instagram. We will come back to it soon.

1. Who are Yoga solutions?

We are young entrepreneurs who regularly seek relaxation in a nice Yoga session, including after a busy day at work. From this idea, the idea arose to offer products that contribute to a vital lifestyle. We always maintain our priorities, namely: offering quality products at an affordable price with a high level of customer friendliness.
2. What about the relatively long delivery time?
In 2020 we are used to enormous luxury. Ordered packages often arrive on your doorstep the same day. In order to achieve this as a provider, (high) costs must be incurred in the field of transport and logistics. We have chosen not to incur these costs and have the products shipped directly from the supplier. This way we can save on these processes and offer you an affordable price.
3. I have not received my order within the desired delivery time, what now?
First of all, don't worry! If you have not received your package 3 days after the final delivery date, please contact us. This can be done via Instagram, the contact form or our email address (clientservice@yogasolutions.nl). We will then immediately check the status with the supplier. Because our products are shipped directly from our supplier, we cannot guarantee the entire transport. For this reason, a minimum number of shipments may be delayed. If this is the case, we will resolve it together.
4. I am not satisfied with the product, can I return it?
Let us first say that our customer's satisfaction is very important. At Yoga Solutions we give you the option to return the product up to 14 days after receipt.
5. Do I have to pay for shipping costs if I return something?
The answer is yes. And we would like to explain that. We at Yoga Solutions believe that the social aspect of entrepreneurship is something that should not be forgotten. From this perspective, we want our customers to make a well-considered purchase of our products. In today's society, many consumers order products because they can be returned free of charge. Where the products already travel a long way to reach your home. We do not want to remove the barrier to even more emissions.
6. How do I return something?
You can read everything about returning a product on the 'returns' page.
7.I have ordered several products, but have not yet received everything. How is this possible?
Because we have our products shipped directly from our different suppliers, it is not possible to combine these products if you have ordered products from different suppliers. The products will be shipped separately from each supplier.